Dear Member,

It is time I updated you again with my further thoughts and to put CAPTAIN's DAY in your mind (see below).

We are fast approaching the longest day and at last we have some warm and sunny weather. It's good to play golf again without having to wear too many layers.

My Captains year is starting to fly and already I have served almost 6 months! Competitive golf is now in full swing albeit with the course still recovering in several places after the wet winter. My sympathies go out to the greens staff, who have had an atrocious amount of rain to cope with on top of the continuing course improvements, and also to all members who have endured the consequent course closures and boggy conditions during the winter. In years to come when people ask me - 'when were you Captain?' - I will say 'remember that very wet winter we had in 2015/16'.

I am enjoying my year immensely and continue to meet new members both on and off the golf course. So far there have been plenty of members prepared to take pity and play golf with me on a Saturday morning and I will continue to put my name down and invite you to join me, although I have several other Saturday golfing commitments in the coming weeks.

It has been a great pleasure partnering Lady Captain Fleur in the mixed competitions and I know she is enjoying her year as much as I am. The mixed competitions are good fun and I have met some great people in the process. I would like to appeal to the gentlemen to consider playing in the mixed events because there are always ladies looking for playing partners. The post match meals (together with your non playing partner) are always convivial opportunities for meeting other members.

This brings me to another related topic, which is the Club's social scene. Now I have to admit that until I was Captain I didn't involve myself in everything and I now realise what I have been missing all those years. Some events are well supported and the clubhouse hardly seems big enough, but at other times events are poorly supported. For example the Race Night a few weeks ago was a huge laugh for those who attended,including the children. It was a great, low cost, family night out. Judging by the amount of enjoyment had by all those in attendance the evening was a success but the numbers were a little disappointing given the amount of work done by Emma, Michelle and others.

My appeal to you therefore is for you to have a look at the directory, the notice boards and revisit Robert's club newsletters and plan ahead to make sure you don't miss the next social event - Don't forget friends and relatives are welcome.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Emma and Chazz for raising over £1800 for both mine and Fleur's charities when they ran the Derby £10k recently. I managed to complete it some years ago and that was the last time I ran any distance and decided to buy a bike.

On the subject of charities, may I draw your attention to the very large champagne bottle situated behind the bar marked 'Captain's Charity'. You can hardly miss it but I would like to bring it to the forefront of your mind and ask you to deposit any loose change you want to dispose of. During the course of the year I hope this will accumulate a tidy sum.

This week I will have the honour and pleasure of representing the club in a first team match and the Taskers Trophy and hope to be on the winning side on both occasions. If you haven't played in any club representative teams then please consider registering your availability on the website. There is space for all whether it is in the first, second or seniors teams. Again its a great opportunity for getting to know other members and playing other courses.

From a golfing point of view, despite the course conditions there are some interesting results coming through with high points scored as some members find early season form.

CAPTAIN'S DAY - 4 June 2016  

First of all I have ordered wonderful weather for the day and I hope as many gentleman members as possible will enter the competition which will take the form of a 4BBB Stableford. Entry will be via the club system as usual.

There will be a full prize table and the presentation will take place at 8pm that evening. In view of the effort going into making this a great day the 'management' reserves the right to present prizes only to those in attendance. 

Refreshments (alcoholic or otherwise) and nibbles will be available at the compulsory pit stop after the 9th Green where I look forward to welcoming you and where I will also provide commiserations, a shoulder to cry on or some gentle encouragement depending on your progess at that point. One of my little helpers will record the moment for posterity.

The evening will be something special and I hope you will be able to join me for a spectacular  Italian Evening  . This will be an Italian themed meal and entertainment and because numbers will be limited I would advise you to book your table as soon as possible with Emma to ensure you are able to dine at a time to suit you. 

The menu will be an interesting Italian one with a selection of Italian wines, some of which you will not find on the usual club wine list!!

Further details will be notified to you shortly and posters put up in the clubhouse but I would suggest you start organising yourself now. It will be a fun night so don't miss it!!!

Have a great golfing Summer and keep well.