Kedleston Park Golf Club

Pheasant exploring Kedleston Park Golf Club


Kedleston Park Golf Club is set in a 155 acre rural site of stunning beauty. It is packed with a diverse range of flora and fauna from ancient Oaks over 500 years old to the carpet of woodland Bluebells, from shy Muntjacs to busy Squirrels, from the showy Great Crested Grebe to the resident population of Canada Geese.

The Club boasts an active sustainability committee who's aim is to ensure that golf and nature exist and thrive side by side. To do this we try to ensure that everyone involved in the club and every action or decision taken is done with sustainability in mind.

The Club is currently striving for certification by the GEO Foundation.   

The GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf is an international not-for-profit organisation, founded to help inspire, support, and reward credible sustainability action and to strengthen and promote golf's social and environmental value.

Greylag Goose exploring Kedleston Park Golf Club

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