For me it was the event of a lifetime, to sum it all up Exceptional would describe it best. I am still taking it all in. Thank you to all who worked so very hard to make it possible.  Lady Captain Eileen.XX

"Just thought I'd email a note of thanks to everyone involved in the Summer Ball. I've been a member (I think) for a little over 30 years and I have to say it was by far the best event that I have attended in that time. All  my party were impressed with every detail from the serviettes to the fireworks.

I thought from a guests perspective it seemed to go perfectly and I appreciate all the hard work that yourself and team, Michelle and her team must have put in for all the club's guests to enjoy such a top quality occasion.

The marque looked superb and was a perfect setting for the pre dinner singer and the band. The evening would have definitely not been the same without it. I appreciate that I initially aired some concerns about the value for money and that some members found it a little pricey for their pocket.

This was only based on what I thought was a comparable too the many Ball's I'd been to before. How wrong was I!! That being said. I do hope the members that dropped out, now regret having not attended because it was an event that will be very hard to top. I also hope that the club will consider doing a similar scale Summer Ball in the future as it was worth every penny. Perhaps once every 5 years or so if only to give the organisers time to recover.

To be honest I'm not fully aware of all those involved and for that I apologise. But please give my congratulations and thanks to everyone as it was an event to be proud of. Well Done to all."

Best Regards

Richard Hewitt