All the bunkers surround have been turfed except the 13th fairway and short of the 5th green

12th fairway LHS

12th RHS Fairway bunker

The approach to the 12th green

Short LHS bunker on hole 13th

short RHS 13th green

15th RHS Green bunker

The 'small' bunker LHS 15th hole

The approach to hole 15

The RHS bunker on hole 16

The LHS bunker on hole 16

The 5th fairway bunkers

4Five weeks Update


Four weeks in

The bunker work is progressing and all the greenside bunker surrounds on holes 12,13,15 have been re-turfed along with the LHS greenside bunker on 16th hole. The tee on the 5th is forward on the fairway to prevent balls going into the new bunker. Please do not walk on the areas were work has been carried out

The fairway bunker on hole 13, a new drain just short of the bunker has been put in place

The approach to Hole 13

The approach to Hole 15

The RHS Bunker on hole 16

The 5th Fairway bunkers



Course update after day 14

Below is an update of the work so far

The fairway bunker on Hole 13

The turf being applied to the bunker short right of the green on hole 13

The LHS greenside bunker on Hole 13

The RHS greenside  bunker all turfed on hole 13

The LHS greenside bunker on hole 15 awaiting to be blocked then the surround turfed

The RHS bunker on Hole 15

The LHS bunker on hole 16 the turf blocks in the foreground awaiting to be laid

The RHS bunker on hole 16

The hollow at the front of the 5th green

The 5th fairway bunkers from the tee

A close up of the 5th fairway bunkers.

A large drain has been constructed to the left of the bunker on hole 5  to take the water to the ditch to the left of the fairway


Course Update Day 9

All the shaping has been completed on Hole 13 - the fairway bunker pictured below

The machine is now onto the RHS greenside bunker on Hole 15


Day 8

The Sun has finally come out after hiding for the last two weeks.

We are cracking on and my the end of play today the 12th hole bunkers should all be shaped and the surrounds turfed. I walked the course with Tom today and he was very complimentary of the workmanship and  camaraderie shown by our greenstaff.

When the holes re-open please do not walk on the new turf or the bare earth

The LHS side green bunker on hole 12

12th hole RHS greenside bunker

Picture of 12th green from the fairway

12th LHS fairway bunker

Fairway bunker RHS 12th fairway

Fairway bunkers on Hole 12

13th hole from the tee, the sand will be visible in the fairway bunker

A closer view of the 13th fairway bunker

The white line represents the sand line of the bunker in the 13th fairway. The white dots can be seen from the tee ( all technical stuff!!!)

The back RHS bunker on hole 13 with the blocks in

The front RHS bunker on hole 13

The approach bunkers on Hole 13

LHS greenside bunker hole 13


Day 6 - The weather is a little better today.

The Bunker on the LHS OF 12TH green has been shaped and blocked as per picture below

The bunker has a drain running through it and is awaiting the turf to be laid on the surround

A view of the 12th green from a 100yards away

The two fairway bunkers on Hole 12 have both been blocked and the top soil applied

The ditch across the 13th Fairway has been filled in

The bunkers on the RHS of the 13th green

The bunker LHS of the 13th green

The shaper 'moulding' the Front right greenside bunker on Hole 13

The approach to the 13th green

The picture above clearly shows the clay at the front right of hole 13, once the bunker is in place we will be bringing some top soil to lay the turf on - The clay explains why it does not drain very well in this area

Day 5

The course work is progressing, the RHS 12th fairway bunker is now shaped (pictured below)

A view down the 12th Fairway

The shaper has now progressed to hole 13 and is working on the RHS greenside bunkers

Pictured above a view of the bunker that will guard the front right of the green

Pictured above the bunker to the right of the green on hole 13

Day 3 &4

Holes 12 & 13 have been closed for the last couple of days to allow the work to continue unhindered. We will try and get these holes back in play as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding as we race against time and the weather to complete the project

The conditions for the work have deteriorate d. The ground has become sticky but this has not delayed the work and we are still ahead of schedule. There are 20 bunkers to either build or renovate in this last phase. This is the most we have undertaken in a winter period but with the help of the greenstaff, we are confident all the bunkers shape and surround  will be completed by Christmas or the first couple of weeks into the new year. Leaving them to be lined and filled with sand in time to be fully operational by the 1st April as per previous years. The shaper is on site for a maximum of 4 weeks, which equates to one bunker per day

The bunkers on the right of 12th green

The RHS bunkers on 12 have been blocked and the surround re-turfed

The LHS Greenside bunker has been shaped and awaiting the blocks before the surround is re-turfed

The LHS Fairway bunker on 12 has taken shape , it has a drain connected to the main fairway pipe in the foreground

A close up of the 12th LHS Fairway bunker with the gravel on top of the drain pipe clearly visible

The shaper putting the finishing touches to the RHS fairway bunker

When this bunker is complete he will be moving across to the greenside bunkers on 13 and any surplus soil will be used to build the bunker up over the ditch across the 13th  fairway.

I am already receiving comments that the 12th hole will play to stroke index 1 especially for the low handicap players


A quick look back on hole 17 this time last year (picture left) and how it then looked by the end of Feb.

Monday 2nd November the third and last phase of the Bunker project commenced


The weather was very foggy but although the course was closed Lakeland were able to unload the excavator and start work

Lakeland unloading the equipment in the fog early on Monday morning

The work has started on hole 12  The hole has remained open and played to a frost green today. Tomorrow the 12th and 13th hole may closed when work starts on the fairway bunkers

The large bunker to the right of the green has been shaped, a new drain added and has been edged with the turf blocks

The 'pot bunker' in front of the 12th green

The left 12th green side bunker marked out and the turf has begun to be stripped

A view from the front of the 12th green

The bunker on the left of the 12th fairway has been marked out and will be shaped on Wednesday


The ditch from the 12th - 13th that has been piped and filled in. The ditch across hole 13 will be filled and the bunker constructed above.

The right hand side bunker on hole 13 has been marked (spot the pheasant?)

The bunker 80 yards short left of the 13th green which will be cut more into the fairway

The location of the bunker on hole 5 which is the source of the turf blocks

More updates to follow